Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Happy 30th Birthday!!!

It's official, both my hubby and I are 30. We celebrated our birthdays (a little late and his a lot early), with our family and of course cupcakes. I took my stab at a trend that is gaining steam...........Joint Birthday Cakes!

I really wanted try this out for us, since are birthdays are semi-close and I knew that we would be celebrating together. For my side, I hand painted a leopard design and I accented it with a single red fondant rose and red fondant decorations. For my hubby's side, I knew that it would be none other than the Dallas Cowboys!!!! His topper was inspired by a Dallas Cowboys snapback hat that he bought on our last trip to Dallas. Of course I had to add silver and blue fondant stars and a curly "30" in the front.

Here is the hat

Not bad, If I may say so myself!

Enjoy the pictures of the cake and of course I made coordinating cupcakes